When I was (I am…) 35, It was a very good year

Travelled 30% of the world, met about (oh my, It’s hard to estimate) 20,000 people personally (and 100,000 in meetings, lectures, presentations), ate and drank technically the holiest crap, and a couple of thousand euro worth of whiskey and cognac, and most precious food. Slept on a beach and in the most luxurious hotels of the planet, walked around a deserted island, and have been taken by private helicopter over Monaco bay. Gambled in all major Casinos of the world, and never got robbed anywhere yet! 🙂 Had the most happy moments of my life, by looking at Fuji mountain at dusk and listening to „It’s a Wonderful World” by Louis Armstorng, had New York declared as my second hometown, the Philippines as my favorite country, and Toronto, as the city where I would live if it would be moved to the Caribbean! Admired successful countries such as Finland; great people as in Estonian and the people of the Maldives; Japanese hospitality; Korean toughness; the richness of Bahrain and Brunei.  I completed basic education, with nothing to mention, changed my life by joining AIESEC then JCI, changed my point of view by moving abroad, but never changed me! I think if I would meet my 20 year old self, i would only advise the winning lottery numbers nothing else! 🙂 I enjoyed receptions, parties, Galas, balls, discos, movies, the theather, musicals, wine, beer, soda, water, TV and elections! Made friends, even REAL ones, regardless of race, age, nationality or sex. Made some enemies? Hmmm, I dont really think so. Do I regret anything?? Hmmm, I dont think so. Never really worked, but enjoyed what I was doing; what others call “work”. Went through college (i mean AIESEC) years, went through finance and accounting years, and ended up at “changing the world” years
What else? What more to come, will see in the next 35…. 🙂 you are welcome to come along with me for the ride!


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