My Story

I am the Vice President of Business Development of Hogan Assessments (www.hoganassessments.com), the most important personality assessment consultancy in the world.

A brief revue of professional experience: Global and Regional organization management (www.jci.cc); Accounting and tax consulting (www.ey.com) ; Organizational expansion into new markets (www.asystems.as) ; Measurable Marketing impact (Google Art&Copy&Code training) Organizational Development.

I have a specialized knowledge of the HR tech industry.  Additionally, my most important skill sets include developing new markets, networking, marketing, training, and public speaking.

Over 25 years of training and consulting in 40+ countries has been a learning experience as well, providing new and innovative ideas that can be put to work to help you with HR tech, business development and management.

Please let me know if I can be of assistance with your HR tech related issues.  Please feel free to ask for my participation in your events if you wish to hear more!

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