2018 State of the (HR) Union a.k.a it’s time for HR to …(fill the blank or Google it)

One of the perks of flying over the Atlantic in Business is that sometimes you encounter famous people. “Groundhog Day” is one of my favorite movies and seeing Bill Murray sitting just a few rows away made me think about that character, Phil – played by Murray, who has experienced the same day over and over again.  Are those of us who are involved in the management of HR related matters sharing a similar experience? Are we debating the same HR issues day after day, year after year? It occurred to me that I forgot to make my predictions for

How to avoid becoming Don Draper

Or, how not to utilize your talent, or its potential What man would NOT want to be Don Draper? Coming to work late, spending only 5 minutes at a meeting while contributing the best ideas. Taking a three-hour lunch, drinking and smoking in the office and having women chase you, even during work hours. The most successful account manager at the firm, with minimal effort. The successful USA based AMC TV series Mad Men’s (“Mad” as in Madison avenue, the address of preference for advertising agencies in New York City in the 50’s and 60’s) central character Don Draper, who

TOP 10 HR related predictions for 2017

This post is supposed to be a joke. Or funny at least. Or maybe not? As always it’s time to look into the crystal ball and see what looks back. Anyhow: 2+1+7 is 10. So, Drumroll please! 10 – TOP 10 lists remain popular. The year 2017 will not provide HR officers with any additional time to read useless predictions.  So maybe they will glance through the TOP 10 list, which might not be totally irrelevant for them. Maybe there is no budget; maybe the leadership is too old school to understand.  9 – People continue to be people. Nevertheless,

IT is from Mars, HR is from Venus a.k.a major HR tech barriers

Cloud, Mobile, ERP integration. These are the major HR tech driver buzzwords for 2016. We can all agree that after the years of “Training” and “Coaching”, the next large (and fashionable) area of HR consultancy is developing integrated internet/computer based stuff which can help HR to work better. Dear HR leader, are you fully aware what these buzzwords mean, and why they are useful to you? Is it important for you that you store your data on a server, on your computer, or in the cloud? Is it important for you that your employees are receiving your 360 degrees survey

How Google wasted ten years of their time

Don’t get me wrong, I admire what those guys did during the last 15 years. How they changed the world of searching for information, how they have disrupted the advertising business and earning close to one quarter of every dollar spent on advertising around the globe. (Though as was told me by one of my internal sources, they have no clue how they have achieved that…) I also admire how Laszlo Bock – coincidentally a Hungarian from Romania – and his colleagues in Google’s HR department established all those points that we at Assessment Systems also follow on a day

How To Use LinkedIn To Predict Employee Performance? We Know It.

Modern media are becoming vast source of information about people just simply because people are spending more and more of their time online. According to global web index research, we spend 6 hours from our day online and social media plays an important role in it. Recruiting researchers are looking through Linkedin’s 400 million users to find ideal candidates and considering their online resume on a daily basis. But data shows that more than that could be known about candidates besides their work history. The hottest skill on LinkedIn in 2014 was “Statistical Analysis and Data Mining” which got most people hired. In HR

Time to wake up: 88% of your employees are not at the right place

Three things are really important in the HR metrics of your company: 1, employee potential, 2, employee reputation, 3, and employee performance. If an employee has low potential but high reputation, and produces results, he should be retained. Once reputation (the opinion co-workers have about that employee) becomes low, that employee is suddenly in danger. If for some reason that employee no longer delivers results he should be preparing his CV. If potential is high, than very likely that person should be counted as being in alignment in three specific parts of their personality. That means for certain jobs only 3%

Learn from digitalized companies – Meet on 24th Nov in Prague!

( from an interview with me at People Management Forum’s HR Forum July-August edition) You will be speaking at the World HR laboratory in Prague. What topic will you present? The last three years showed the importance of Big Data analysis. In practice, however, we see that this process is stopped at a certain stage. And this is a great opportunity to grab it. HR professionals should be open to collaboration with IT departments. And what’s the problem? The problem is not in technology or in data, both have good standards. But we are not yet able to go sufficiently

Assessment Systems International in Forbes

(Article: Dóra Budavári Photo: Orbital Strangers) June 2015 Page 50-52. It’s our company’s story where we talk about 1, our company’s story 🙂 2, the way how we help multinational and local companies in pharma/energy/telco/bank-insurance industry to make better people related decisions, meanwhile grow by growing human capital 2, proper HR management is important in every company level. If you run a grocery store, and you do not hire the high fit guy for yourself, you can lose the most. Quicker than any large organization, 3, the right entry level for higher education. Only students with high self esteem and

Security. What Security?

I have gone through the airport security check rigamarole at least 500 times: Notebook out, belt off, no liquids. Sometimes shoes off, sometimes all liquids in a separate plastic bag, cords out or pants down… (Well that happend only once…) It’s all for the good of passengers! Its all for the good of the passangers? Its all for the good of the world? Millions of people travelling daily. A small army of security agents are in place in every moment, with high tech equipment as well. Billions of dollars spent annually to potentially save the lives of a few hundred