I am a Samurai

During this summer in New York while participating in the UN Summit, I began to realize  that I probably am a Samurai.

Having read Petri Niskanen’s book Business Bushido / Seven Values of Leadership, I am even more certain.

It only took a few hours to read this book written by a Past JCI World President. It can be best described as a Nescafe style book (in the age of Nespresso, instant is not equal to cheap anymore, which is why I dare to use these words to describe what is indeed a very good book).  It includes many JCI stories and examples from life experience and has quotes from famous people.

In short, the book can be read in a brief period of time, but gives you something that fills you and helps you to move ahead, and isn’t that what a good but instantly made coffee is all about?

Anyway, the book creates „Seven values of Leadership” based on the Samurai’s code of conduct the „Bushido”.

The 7 values are: Rectitude, Respect, Courage, Honor, Benevolence, Honesty and Loyalty.

I have realized that during my 8 years of involvement in JCI worldwide matters I have tried to live every day of my life according to these values. I have to admit it is not always evident, and there have been bad days as well when i was a bad boy, but as Petri states in the book “One way, but sometimes a hard way, to learn how to behave is to misbehave and learn from it”

Acting in an international arena based on the Mission, Vision and Values of an organization; moving ahead with new projects with courage; being proud of what I was doing; openly talking about things; sticking with the same team; is all about Bushido. Being loyal to our master, whether or not it is a company, makes us a Samurai.

I am happy that I have become a Hungarian Samurai, I am proud of it!