Time to wake up: 88% of your employees are not at the right place

Three things are really important in the HR metrics of your company:

1, employee potential, 2, employee reputation, 3, and employee performance.

If an employee has low potential but high reputation, and produces results, he should be retained. Once reputation (the opinion co-workers have about that employee) becomes low, that employee is suddenly in danger.

If for some reason that employee no longer delivers results he should be preparing his CV.

If potential is high, than very likely that person should be counted as being in alignment in three specific parts of their personality. That means for certain jobs only 3% of people have a high fit, and 12% of these workers have a moderate or high fit: The rest are just there, occupying space.

Put bluntly, 88% need to find another job, or at least need to be reallocated to something where potentially they can make larger (and better) impact.

As a business owner, would you rather have the 3% or even the 12%?

Don’t let the 88% put you out of business!

Check this out,  how you can do that:


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