(Article: Dóra Budavári Photo: Orbital Strangers)

June 2015 Page 50-52. It’s our company’s story where we talk about

1, our company’s story 🙂

2, the way how we help multinational and local companies in pharma/energy/telco/bank-insurance industry to make better people related decisions, meanwhile grow by growing human capital

2, proper HR management is important in every company level. If you run a grocery store, and you do not hire the high fit guy for yourself, you can lose the most. Quicker than any large organization,

3, the right entry level for higher education. Only students with high self esteem and knowledge about themself can make proper carrer decision, we shall help them to discover their motivation, values and preferences, to help what school to choose, what job to go for!

4, and many more, have a copy for yourself!