Why Social Network should have won the Oscar?

I have seen all the movies that has been shortlisted for the Academy Award. The winner, „The King’s Speech”, is simple, boring, British nonsense (with the always brilliant Rush, but he is an Aussie). „Inception” is great action, but no motivation. „The Fighter” is nothing more than „Rocky” light. „Black Swan” is nice, but I give credit for that to Natalie Portman.

But here is „the Social Network”. I have waited a long time to see this, though I will admit to a bit of skepticism, and here I am blogging about it and posting the blog on Facebook.

Many things caused me to change my mind. Recently I have been wondering, what is the next thing? How long will Facebook continue to dominate? When I saw these guys  coming “accidentally” to the right conclusion with inventing the Social network of all times, answering the needs of total globalism, and also, by luck, creating a new form of society which is more open than anything that came before: the Netocracy.

One year ago people were asking: „what if Facebook were a country, it would be one of the largest?” By now, it is not a country but the world of young people. It is a platform where nobody can hide, nobody can govern, and nobody can control – even when the authorities shut down the internet in a country.

The whole principle originates with Mark Zukenberg, who did not let anyone close to the fire, and who looks like going on, possibly up to the end.

The Middle East is on fire; it might change the history of Africa next.  Who knows where the impact will end

All movies should be about such a subject so as to inspire all of us to create something that makes the world better.