California – Silicon Valley, Silicon body parts and now Silicon Wine….?

A few years ago, I took a year long sommelier (wine expert) course offered by the Gastronomic College of Hungary.  This experience was a kind of turnaround in my life, making me ask myself why I did not take this course ten years ago. Anyway, let’s enjoy whatever is ahead of us; since I completed the course I try to travel with open eyes, enjoying all that my homeland can offer, while also discovering areas like Priorat in Catalonia, Tuscany, the TBAs of Germany and many other wine regions. The last week brought me to the leading wine district of

London – Hungarian community – homecoming queens!

What would happen if all the Hungarians living in London would move back to Hungary at once? We could create a new district in Budapest, called New London, and give the immigrant Hungarians a special tax allowance. Can you imagine the economic effect? 200,000 estimated Hungarians living in London. Mostly talented and educated people, certainly a lot of entrepreneurs.  These are people who are ready to take on challenges, have broader perspectives, who want and are able to make changes in their lives. Can you imagine what that could bring to this country?  There would certainly be a benefit to

Confessions of a man on women in leadership, to all other men

For the betterment of the world women need to be involved. We have recently completed research in several countries, including our very own, Hungary, one of our neighbors, Romania, and two role models: the US and Australia. We focused on the differences and similarities between man and women in leadership and have compared national results to each other. There were some suprising and also obvious observations. In general (and these are correct for all countries we surveyed) female leaders are not motivated to move ahead at any price as a man might be.  Women handle stress situations less capably than

Why Social Network should have won the Oscar?

I have seen all the movies that has been shortlisted for the Academy Award. The winner, „The King’s Speech”, is simple, boring, British nonsense (with the always brilliant Rush, but he is an Aussie). „Inception” is great action, but no motivation. „The Fighter” is nothing more than „Rocky” light. „Black Swan” is nice, but I give credit for that to Natalie Portman. But here is „the Social Network”. I have waited a long time to see this, though I will admit to a bit of skepticism, and here I am blogging about it and posting the blog on Facebook. Many

The B2B rally and beyond

Started the 15th of January from Budapest, arrived in Bamako, Mali on the 30th. Drove over 9000 km on highways and motorways; on sand on the beach and in the desert; off road, as well as on some of the most horrible roads you can imagine.  We even drove on a minefield!  Met with 500 young people in Italy, Tarragona, Valencia, Tangier, Fez, Quarzazate, Kayes and Bamako. Distributed over 4000 donated bednets to the needy, represented 12 companies on a business mission to Morocco and Mali. Slept 16 hours over the first 7 days of the drive; visited garages in

When I was (I am…) 35, It was a very good year

Travelled 30% of the world, met about (oh my, It’s hard to estimate) 20,000 people personally (and 100,000 in meetings, lectures, presentations), ate and drank technically the holiest crap, and a couple of thousand euro worth of whiskey and cognac, and most precious food. Slept on a beach and in the most luxurious hotels of the planet, walked around a deserted island, and have been taken by private helicopter over Monaco bay. Gambled in all major Casinos of the world, and never got robbed anywhere yet! 🙂 Had the most happy moments of my life, by looking at Fuji mountain

I am a Samurai

During this summer in New York while participating in the UN Summit, I began to realize  that I probably am a Samurai. Having read Petri Niskanen’s book Business Bushido / Seven Values of Leadership, I am even more certain. It only took a few hours to read this book written by a Past JCI World President. It can be best described as a Nescafe style book (in the age of Nespresso, instant is not equal to cheap anymore, which is why I dare to use these words to describe what is indeed a very good book).  It includes many JCI

Nepal and the Nobel Prize

This year one very un-fashion icon looking lady, Elinor Ostrom, shared in the Nobel Prize for Economics. “The central theme of Ostrom’s work (she is the first woman to receive the Nobel prize in economics),is the governance of ’common resource pools’ such as pastures, fisheries or forests to which more than one person has access. Unlike pure public goods such as the atmosphere, where one persons use does not reduce the amount available to others, people deplete these resources when they use them. Standard economic models predict that in the absence of clearly defined property rights, such common resources will

Working for money or voluntarily – is there a difference?

Well, it depends on whether you want to stuff your pocket, but generally not. During my years of involvement in non profit management I have learned a lot. I have learned how to appreciate committed and motivated people’s work, and have seen how the outside world just simply does not understand the enthusiasm and dedication for work that volunteers don’t get paid for.  (I have to state that this lack of understanding is especially strong in countries like mine (Hungary) where voluntary work is neither valued nor understood.) I have also learned that it does not matter if you pay

My view on effective leadership and success

My colleague has just started her MBA studies. One of her first assignment was to ask some heavy question from co-workers like: What does it take to be an effective leader? Well, here is my anwer. An effective leader has to be effective at leading him/her self. First and foremost. If a leader is not able to manage himself/herself how do you expect him/her to manage others? If this criteria has been fulfilled then it is time to move further. I have to stop here for a second, because this still means nothing. Over the years we have seen how