How to tackle global challenges with JCI, yes with JCI!

You turn on the television, read a newspaper, or maintain a simple conversation with  your dad your mom or with your friends, one of the first words that comes up is „crisis”. (Sometimes in capital letters, often preceded by the word „the”. This issue seems to come up anywhere, anytime with anyone.

Maybe some scientists and economists are right when they envision the ghost of catastrophe that seems to be hovering over the world, maybe not; we don’t know at this point. Should we just wait and see what is going to happen, or can we do something to prevent it? As young leaders and entrepreneurs we can not be couch potatoes and sit back; rather we must get out there and take our stand. By taking our stand about defending the global business mechanism, believing our basic landmark statement that „economic justice can best be won by free man through free enterprise”, we can do much to prevent bad things from happening.

The founders of JCI made an eco-political statement at the founding; that they believe in free enterprise and they believe it is good for the world if the ideals of this system are spread throughout the globe.  Many times we are mistaken that JCI is a non political organization which cannot make statements; however this assumption is incorrect. JCI is a non-partisan organization having no affiliations with any party, but we do have a set of beliefs and we should not keep those beliefs a secret. Our role in society is very clear: We need to develop ourselves and our communities to make a better world for generations to come. The way to accomplish this is outlined in our Mission, Vision and Values (MVV). If we think this through, this is true for each and every individual around the world.  We are born to develop and then reproduce ourselves and then pass the baton along. How we do this through our lifetime is what makes us different from previous generations. How we do it in JCI is outlined in our MVV.

As members of JCI our duty is to live by the standards of free economy, practice it every day, but to do so responsibly. Therefore the first order is to balance the development of societies (i.e building wealth) while preserving our global environment. Discovering the Finding equity between satisfying our needs and controlling our ego. It is not always reasonable to simply stop developing our economic wealth at a certain stage, since our momentum is driving us forward. Yet occasionally we should take a time out to stop and analyze how we can put our communities ahead of our individual needs. Halting economic development would really make our currently critical situation worse, but our wealth structure, and our means of exploiting it needs to be carefully analyzed.

George Soros has a strong belief that the market pricing for any asset (stock or currencies) is dependant on the assumptions of the global market.  Our duty as believers in the value of the global economy drives us to be positive. We must be positive and channel our positivity to our business partners and families. Our positive assumptions about the wealth of the global economy could create a snowball effect and make an impact.

Being positive about developing our accumulated wealth, while giving careful attention to sharing our accumulated wealth is what we can do. If we do this we make our contribution to keep the ball rolling, to keep our wealth safe and preserve an enjoyable environment for us and for our children. What else do we need, hmm?

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